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Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Dave. I will start by telling you a little something about my self.

I was raised on a dairy farm. And well agriculture is still very important to me it is really hard to make a living at it. , school I joined the marine’s corps. I was honorable discharged a corporal. My mos was 1391(bulkfuelmen).

After my discharge I tried my hand at dairy farming. After several years I was forced to give this up.

So then I turned to over the road truck driving. I had 800,000 miles of safe driving when for family reason’s I gave this up to stay home more.

Now that brings me to wealthy affiliate. I have found this to be very rewording for me.

Now I would like to help others find the same thing. So if you are tired of your boss and want to start your own internet business just click on the menu on the right and let the journey begin.

If you would like to see my wealthy affiliate profile page click here. Click Here




  1. Tanya Green

    Dave, I hope that Wealthy Affiliate becomes your number one money maker. You have had a busy life so far.

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