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what's it take to earn money online

At Wealthy Affiliate You Can Easily Learn Affiliate Marketing

Dave and Brownie


You Can Earn Extra Money From Home!

At Wealthy Affiliate you can learn to become an  amazon affiliate, the amazon affiliate program is one the best to Make Extra Money From Home. With the amazon affiliate program you can learn to earn at home a commission if a person just clicks on a link from your web site then, goes to amazon and buys anything. That’s right they do not even have to buy what you are promoting for you to make extra money form home. Now how nice is that?  You can also learn the e bay success system. Any one or all of these work well to build your own internet marketing business.
Or you could promote click bank products, you can even promote your own products. You would be greatly surprised by how many affiliate programs are available from most big box stores.
Wealthy Affiliate has the very best and easiest to learn affiliate marketing programs for beginners. They will give you all the tools you need plus teach you how to use them. They do there very best to use the KISS system. (Keep it super simple).

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer!

You must have the desire to own your own business or be an online internet entrepreneur.
You can learn all you need to know by  following the step by step instructions given to you in each lesson course at  wealthy affiliate.
You may review any lesson at any time. This is self paced program, It is not a race to see who can finish first. You can take your time to be sure that you learn everything there is to know.
One of the first things they teach you is to pick a niche that you are passionate about. You do not have to know everything about your niche you can learn as you go a long.
You can promote your own products or you could become an amazon affiliate. Amazon affiliate program is one the best. You can also become an e bay affiliate. Most all major internet sellers and big box stores have have some type of affiliate programs. When you help sell some thing they pay you a commission. Some members of wealthy affiliate have gone on to design web sites for others to earn money.
This one of the best ways to make money from home or just to make extra money on line. Or is very possible with dedication and some hard work to build your internet business into a full time job that you can take anywhere you go all you need is an internet connection.
You can learn what is working for others in the wealthy affiliate community in the live chat. At times, you will even find Kyle and Carson (the owners of  WA  in the live chat answering questions). You can even leave any member a personnel message. I have left both Kyle And Carson personal messages and received a reply short amount of time.
I encourage any one that wants to learn how to become financial free to try the free sign up at Wealthy Affiliate. They have change many a persons live for the better.


Click on the image below for a free lesson!!

WA start course 1


The many tools you get with wealthy affiliate included in there premium package are:
KEYWORDS: You can use the jaxxy tool to help find those all important keywords.
STATS: You can click on this when you are on the wealthy affiliate home page to see how your site id doing. This shows how many visitors your site has had.
LIVE HELP: This is where you can have a live chat with other members at wealthy affiliate.
LIVE VIDEO CLASSES. A new one every week to keep you updated on all things to do with internet marketing. If you can not watch these live they are recorded so you can watch them at anytime.
PRIVATE MESSAGING: You can send any member a private message.
WEBSITES: You can have up to 50 websites.
They supple website security and website backup.
BEGINNER TRAINING: This where people with no internet marketing experience can learn internet marketing for success
SECURITY: When hosting a site with wealthy affiliate your security is guaranteed.
They have live video classes where they show what to do.  There is 24/7 365 website support.
There is website analysis and feedback platforms where you learn what you need to do to improve your business. There is also much more training here at wealthy affiliate. You can ask any question from there support and you will receive an answer in no time at all.
 WORDPRESS: This is where you build your site.

There Are Four Steps In Becoming An Affiliate Marketer.

stairway to success

Stairway to success


Step 1-Choose a niche you are interested in.
 Step 2-Build a web site. You can build a web site if you can type and read. You do not need to have programming skills. Kyle will walk you thru this step by step.
 Step 3- Getting ranked. Kyle will teach how to get ranked on search engines. He will show you all you need to know.
 Step 4-Earn revenue for what you are promoting.

What Do You Need To Know To Get Started.

ready set go!

Ready set GO!

All you need to know to get started with wealthy affiliate is the desire to learn and now to how to turn on your computer, point and click a mouse. Seriously this all you need to know to get started. If a farmer like me can do this so can you!!!
So if you are tired of living pay check to pay check and want to be your own boss then take the free trial offered here at wealthy affiliate and make a change for the better!!





Please leave all questions or comments below or you may send them to support@growyourownmoney.net




  1. sergio

    Great way to explain to become an affiliate marketer and how You can achieve this with Wealthy Affiliate Platform.
    Very simplified and honest way of explaining this two.
    Great review.
    Short but very informative.
    I like how You put the 4 steps needed to become an affiliate marketer.
    Which You will find inside Wealthy Affiliate as it’s core foundation.

    • admin

      Thank you very much.

  2. JeffWA

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 3 years and can attest to both the legitimacy and high value that makes up the company.

    Taking into account the price of being a premium member, what is provided regarding tools, an educational platform second to none, and a community of people many of whom look to help with any problems, WA simply cannot be beaten.

    As you stated, a member can promote whatever niche product that he/she has a great deal of passion and knowledge about. As an alternative, a member can also promote the company itself for outsiders looking to create their own business and something that I do.

    The fact that WA has its own in-house hosting program is but another feather in their cap. No need to go out and pay extra $$ to have another company host your website as a business owner.

    Best educational training program on the Planet regarding teaching people how to run each of their own online businesses!


    • admin

      Thank you Jeff. It sure was a good feeling for me to find wealthy affiliate. They sure are a stand up bunch of people.

  3. Tanya Green

    Dave, you offer a multitude of ways to learn affiliate marketing in this article, all helpful and all true based on my own experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I certainly had no previous knowledge of internet marketing and no idea that I could learn what seemed like a very complicated process. Your readers come away with a better understanding of the type of help they will get during their learning process.

    • Dave

      Thanks Tanya. I agree that WA is hands down the best place to learn and to grow.


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