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Dave and Brownie

Dave and Brownie

How To Be Successful At Affiliate Marketing.

 First off let me start by saying that no one at Wealthy Affiliate that has had success building a business will tell that it is a get-rich-quick thing. (After all Rome was not built in a day)


I can tell you from much experience that 99% of all of those are nothing but scams or are illegal. To be successful you have to be willing to put in the hard work. You will have to give up somethings like maybe watching a few less games on TV or maybe one less party. No person is a born marketer we all have to learn marketing.


You can do this. All you have to do stop making excuses for why you can’t. What I mean is take a good hard look at what you do each and every day.


Maybe start by working on your own business on the weekend instead of watching football. Spend one less hour with your friends. Take your PC along with you well you are having your car fixed.(Instead of looking at old magazines work on your business).


Keep a note pad with you so you can write down idea’s as they come to you. If you are willing to make these small sacrifices it will, and follow the lesson’s from Wealthy Affiliate it will lead you to success.
taking notes

Taking notes

 If you sacrifice your time now you be able to enjoy your time later. You maybe even able quiet your other job. Many people have done just that with internet marketing.


You can achieve financial freedom with wealthy affiliate. I promise the people at wealthy affiliate will help in every way to grow your own money.


All you have to do is plant your seed,give it some nourishment and will be able to harvest a bumper crop of money!! One of the best sayings about success is “Freedom=Time+Money

Lesson’s Are The Key To Success.



 The key to success is learn first. Start by having an area where you will not be distracted by anything so you can concentrate on what you need to learn.
Keep a note pad close by so you can write questions to ask also write down idea’s as they come to you. The course’s at wealthy are in depth and easy to follow.
You can set your pace to go as fast or slow as is best suited for you. There is no one pushing you or deadlines to meet. You can review any lesson any time you need to.
These course’s at wealthy affiliate are your road to success. In these lessons you will find that Kyle and Carson have included the five P’s of business success. They are prior planning prevents poor performance.
I just read about one member here at wealthy affiliate that home schools his children and makes studying wealthy affiliate part of there course load. This is a wonderful way for kids to learn about business. They also receive valuable lesson’s about how to handle finances. This way kids learn about how to budget finances as well as save money for things they need such as cloths and college.
And I cannot express enough the help from the wealthy affiliate community.  These are people just like yourself that are all learning to be affiliate’s. There are many affiliate programs to choose from.

Here are the ten lesson’s that you get for FREE at wealthy affiliate!!


10 free lesson’s




Penny saved penny earned

This is the world’d best place you can learn affiliate marketing that you can actually afford.
One of the things I like best about wealthy affiliate is the free trail. This let’s you spend your time before you spend your money to see if wealthy affiliate is right for you before you spend your hard earned cash.
Some people think that having to pay to learn internet marketing a foolish thing. But look at it this way. How much do you pay for four years of college? (And no you do not have to go to Yale to learn internet marketing). I’ll put money on it that it will cost more 359 dollars a year.
Or you can look at like this what, would it cost to open a brick and mortar store? With cost of renting a building plus other expenses that are included it would run easily into the thousands before you even get a dime back on your investment.
 So if, you look at it this way The cost of wealthy affiliate is most reasonable. You can learn from the very best. Kyle and Carson have already done all the hard work and learned from their own trail and error.( I’ve heard it said that it takes ten thousand hours to be come an expert at something and the only short cut is to learn from an expert.)
They are passing their knowledge along to others now. Their lessons are easy to follow and very informative.
If, should miss something you can review any lesson at any time. if, do not understand something there is always the live chat or you contact support 24/7. They have done all they can so you can easily learn to affiliate marketing.

 More about Kyle and Carson. Owners of Wealthy Affiliate.



 As I have listen to many  lesson’s plus watch a lot of video’s given by the owners here at WA I finally noticed that Kyle and Carson were dressed the same way that i do most everyday. Just a plain tee shirt and jeans.
They also have not promoted WA by showing off the big vacations or the big house’s with a huge garage. These guys are just average everyday people.
 It is not every business where you can message the owner’s and receive a reply in a short time.(I promise you this is how it is here at WA as I have done it several times).
These two guy’s have spent 15 years perfecting this program at WA and they are still making improvements. They do all the work on keeping up with the changes in all the major search engine’s as well as, all the change’s in the world of internet marking.
All you have to do to become successful here at Wealthy Affiliate is to follow the lesson’s step by step, apply your self and most of all, give yourself a fair chance to really make this work and it will work for you. Help and knowledge are second nature at wealthy affiliate.





Weather you are just looking to make a few extra buck’s or a full time income. Kyle and Carson both want you to be successful here at WA so you will tell your friends and family about WA. This is the place to be to do all of this. So SIGN UP HERE NOW! YOU WILL BE GLAD THAT YOU DID!

 This Just One Of Many Success Stories From Real Members At Wealthy Affiliate.

These are people just like yourself.
These posts are a bit awkward for me. I usually try to avoid how much money I make, but since I haven’t posted here for a long time, I decided to reveal where I am at, so you know I am still here and maybe get some inspiration.
The last month I managed to finally hit one of my $$$ goals that I created a bit over a year back. My first goal was $100 a month (which I was extremely happy for). That I managed to hit somewhere around May 2015.
Next goal was $2K. I did not believe I would hit it even in 2016, but all of a sudden, numbers just kept going up and up (which means there where moments where everything was linear… scary times).
Yes, Amazon is the one that helped me to reach the goal.

Then like $500 is added from other revenue places. So all in all, around $2,100 from one site.
May seem small money for some of you affiliates, but for me, especially in my country, it’s extremely good.

How Did I Achieve It?

Just stick to basics, dude. I made the mistake before of searching for different shortcuts or methods for boosting my posts, but in the end, it won’t really matter as much as creating a lot of original articles. Just follow the instructions here on this website, then suck it up and keep writing.
It’s actually really simple in theory, but for me it was the most difficult thing to master. Keeping my focus on writing is extremely hard with all the distractions on the internet .
While writing i sometimes want to go check my mail, go to YouTube, check out Twitch, go eat and watch TV series, go see Reedit.
I am young, so I have no work discipline,
Then I remember I need to keep writing, and after an hour, distraction cycle repeats. I still struggle with it, but I learn to keep myself steady on task. BTW, meditation helps here. But man oh man it’s difficult when there is so much distraction.
But if you manage to beat that, the main passive income problem is solved. Just keep writing, just keep hustling. One of those days you will hit it.
10k per month, here I come!!
Joy of success

Joy of success!!

Here Is Yet Another Wealthy Affiliate Success Story.

Every once in a while you get a big sale and today was my biggest yet – it was for $3000. In the last 14 months I’ve made 12 sales that were $1000 or more.
I wouldn’t make every post about products that cost
“Make it happen with wealthy affiliate instead of waiting for something to happen” Sign up today for the FREE TRIAL. You will be glad you did.


These are from real people that put the wealthy affiliate training to work. They also put in the time to learn how to build there internet business for success.
There are many such success TRUE Stories at Wealthy Affiliate!!

To find out you can have your own success story CLICK HERE NOW!!


Please leave all comments or questions below. Or you may send them to support@www.growyourownmoney.net I promise that i will respond to all. Thank you


Please leave all comments or questions below or send them to support@growyourownmoney.net






  1. Matt's Mom

    I have been looking into Wealthy Affiliate for a little while now. Even joined them about 8 years back, but just didn’t put in the time to really understand what they are all about and that they really are legitimate. Since I have started doing my research on them, I see that in fact, this is a GREAT online community of people striving to earn an income from home, and I read nothing but good about them. So I think you are right! It is time for me to get going with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • admin

      Thank you for the nice comment. It also took me a little to get started after I signed up.

  2. Jacob Schilling

    Hey, hows it going. I truly love your assessment of wealthy affiliate. It does take work to be successful online. However, Wealthy Affiliate gives you all of the tools that you need. It helps with site support, by coding all of your websites correctly, all you have to worry about is creating content. Truly, thank you for giving all of the people out there an option that showcases the correct way of affiliate marketing.

    • admin

      Thank you.

  3. Tanya Green

    Hi Dave,

    You offer some excellent tips for being successful at Wealthy Affiliate. Learning is very important, as is applying what you have learned if it applies to you and your site.

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