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My Review Of Wealthy Affiliate.

Dave and Brownie

Dave and Brownie

 My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review.



In the time that I have been at wealthy affiliate I can truly say that, I have learned a lot which not only helps me with my internet business but also, with the internet world in general.
 When I came here I was intimated very much by the thought of making and building a website. But by following the lesson’s given in the affiliate boot camp program here at wealthy affiliate I know, have a working website that is indexed with google, bing and, yahoo.
Before I started here I had no knowledge of keywords or anything else for that matter of ,what it took to make a website work. All I had been a desire to make a better life for myself and those that are close to me.
I cannot stress enough about how great the support from the wealthy affiliate community is. When ever I have come across something that I did not understand all I had to do was ask and someone pointed me in the right direction. Even when, you get depressed there is someone there that will help to get thru whatever the problem may be.
There are 850,000 members at wealthy affiliate that are all doing the same thing. Learning about exciting and profitable world of internet marketing. It is hard to believe that many people could be wrong about a great thing such as wealthy affiliate. I was relieved to see after a short while that this place is straight forward and honest.

This is no scam. Both Kyle and Carson really do want to help people succeed. With there experience with internet marketing they know what will work and what does not. They also keep everyone informed about changes with all the search engines as well as everything that changes with affiliate marketing.
One thing I am very sure of is that I have gotten my money’s worth here with wealthy affiliate. It has also been a lot of fun using the open chat you never know who will come across or where they be from. Just the other day I was able to answer a question for a member from Spain. I do encourage everyone to sign for the free trial. You will surprised by what you can learn.

After being here for a while i see no reason to be any place else. I’m not saying that you can’t learn internet marketing any where else but wealthy affiliate sure is among the very best of the best. So with that being said why don’t you join me at wealthy affiliate. 






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  1. Tanya Green

    This is an excellent, straightforward article that stresses your personal experiences which means a lot to people considering website hosts and sites that offer instructions.

    • Dave

      Thank you very much Tanya. I do try to relate to others that are looking for the same thing that i am.

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