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Scams To Watch Out For!!!

Dave and Brownie

Dave and Brownie

Yes I Have Been Scamed!!

As much, much as I hate to admin t it I have been scamed. If you also have been a scam victim believe me it is a big club. A lot of smart people have scam victims.
 With this page I hope to help others NOT to be scamed. While i’m sure that I do not known of all the scams out there on the internet I will, try to explain how the one’s work that I known of.
If, you known of others that I have not mentioned please let inform me in the comment section at the bottom of the page. I promise that I will research it and write about it here.

Bait & Switch .

This is where you are told a product or service will cost a certain amount. After you pay the agreed sum the seller or service provider say’s they need more money.
Another form of this is say you pay $99 for three lessons of some type. In the beginning you are told that is all you need to become an expert at something. But at the end of the third lesson you are told to be a real expert you will need more lessons. And yes they will want yet more money.
Now well this is a rip off the provider here really does not break any law that I known of because, you did get the three lessons you paid for.
Since i’m really scared of being scamed and loosing more money( that i cannot afford) I try to research any anything that I think may be a scam. I do this by checking with the BBB, asking a lot of question’s. if no, one is willing to answer my question’s it is time to run away as fast as you can.
Look for reviews on the web. Google is full of reviews on most every subject known in the world. Now this is not to say that all reviews have to be good. After all, there are some people that just cannot be satisfied. I make sure that there are more good reviews than bad. I like about 6+ good reviews to 1 bad.
I’m in way saying that if you follow what I have said here that you will not be scamed but it should give some protection. If you, are scamed REPORT IT TO THE BBB. In that way maybe you will have the satisfaction of stopping the scamer.

Beware Of Promise’s To Make Big Money.

A lot of affiliate trainers lure people in by promising that they can make several thousands of dollars real fast.(in a couple of months). I am not going to say that this never has happen but it would like winning the power ball lottery. The chances of this happening are about the same.
I tell people when they hear this to hold on to there wallet with both hands and run for the hills.   I like to take advantage of free trail periods if one is offered. If a company with affiliate marketing does not offer a free trail period I get more than a little nervous. After all these company’s are  do now that there are many ripp off company’s on the internet as well


I came across another company making big promise’s about how if you signed up for there builder all program that you could be making 5K within two months time. So I started to follow this company. They only have about 200 client’s.(Wealthy Affiliate has about 850,000)
Now three month’s later they are saying if you add content to your site every day for six month’s you will make 5k per month. In the mean time each member paid $99 upfront and $49/month.
They do not provide any Keyword search,seo, word press or any of the other extra’s you can get with wealthy affiliate. When I ask about the time difference the answer given to was the teacher was still learning.
To top things off this is bragging about not having time to due update’s because he is moving into a bigger condo. If this is not a scam I do not know what one is.


If you fed with the scamers and ripe off artist come on over and join me at wealthy affiliate

Please leave all comments and questions below or send them to support@growyourownmoney.net




  1. Melissa Hazlett

    Hi Dave. I love this post. So many helpful ideas on how to avoids scams. I didn’t actually sign up for any because I couldn’t afford what they were asking. But I have to say many of them were quite tempting. Especially when they were telling me how much money I could make with it. I think this a great an informative post. I have pinned it on one of my boards in pinterest. Help get the word out to more people. Thank you

    • Dave

      Thank you Melissa. Yes there are sure some slick scamers out there. I am glad i found wealthy affiliate because i feel safe here.

  2. Tanya Green

    Hi Dave, and thanks for a good presentation of scammer types. The Internet is filled with them, and we definitely need to be aware of their tricks. People need to know that time does not necessarily make them successful. It takes hard work, and producing an article a day can be very difficult until one gets up to speed.

    • Dave

      We sure do need to work together to stay ahead of those that want to steal from us.

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