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what's it take to earn money online

What’s It Take To Earn Money Online?

Dave and Brownie


I have been asked many times what does it take to learn how to earn money online with your own internet business.

My answer to this is follow the free training at wealthy affiliate. The first thing that is talked about is to pick a niche that you are both interested in and passionate about. You do not have to know everything about your niche to start with you can learn along the way.

The very next thing you need to learn about is how to use keywords. Keywords are what you would type into your search bar when you want to look something up. For example say you google “earn money online” It would bring up several ways of making money  with the internet. There a fantastic tool at wealthy affiliate called jaaxy. This will help find the keywords you need to get ranked by google and other search engines. The proper use of keywords is super important.


writing content

writing content

Writing content is where you learn to place your awesome keywords. It is best to place them in the first paragraph.( a couple of times is best). When you are writing content you want to write it as if you are talking to a friend. Use the same words and everything. Just relax and it will come to you. This yet another reason it is suggested that you pick a niche that you are passionate about as you will not become bored when you are working on it and you will stay with it.

When writing content it is suggested that you try to write 1000-1500 word per post and do this 2-3 times a week.(Believe me it is not that hard). You must be informative don’t just use filler words as google will rank you high. Also, you do not want to just copy and paste an article. Put in at least some of your own words.

It does help your readers to understand  your content by using images that relate to your content. You can use any one of over 1,000,000,000 at wealthy affiliate or down load your very own. There also are several web sites that have free images and there are others that you have to pay a fee to use.



traffic jam

You must be able to draw traffic to your website. Without traffic, it is impossible to get conversions. Your outstanding content is what will bring traffic to your site. You need traffic to get conversions to get sales to make money.
There are many ways to get traffic. One of them is social media. Another is pay per click. There are many more that you can learn about from the training at wealthy affiliate.

This is how the circle of affiliate marketing works. First you must pick your niche, build your site, write your content, draw traffic, make conversions. Then the best part you get paid!

Now click on the video below to see just how fast and easy a web site can be created!

buid a web site in 30 seconds

Now you see just how simple it is to create a money earning web site.

Now all you do is use the keywords you selected to write your content. there are these and many other easy to use and follow lesson’s at wealthy affiliate. You just have to be willing to put the time in and apply yourself to be successful here at wealthy affiliate.

What are you waiting for!! Click here and sign up for your free trial. You will be glad you did.

Please leave all comments or questions below or you may send them to support@growyourownmoney.net

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  1. Neil

    Many newbies think that making money online is a complicated process, but when you see it broken down into niche selection, keyword research, building a website, and adding content for traffic, it seems straightforward. 🙂

    It will take hard work to bring it all together, but that work will be highly rewarding in the longrun.

    Personally, I would rather put the work into earning a full-time income online instead of investing time into a “JOB” because you’re in control of your own income with a business.


    • Dave

      Thank you and i agree i would much rather put my time in working for myself also.

  2. james

    Hi Dave
    Thanks for sharing this post. It’s a great overview about how Wealthy Affiliate works. Happy to say I’m a member and the support has been fantastic. Initially I started with the free platform and then moved onto the premium model as it was just so good! For those undecided, just give it a go!


    • Dave

      Thank you James.

  3. Vasiliy Latipov

    Hi Dave,

    So how long do you think it would take for someone new in this business to start making money?

    • Dave

      That depends on several things. Do you have any experience? What is the niche you want to promote?
      My best advice for is to sign up for the free trail. Be sure to go to my profile and send me a pm. I will help you all that i can.
      Thank you for your question.

  4. Tanya Green

    Dave, this is short and informative, yet you cover a lot of territories. I was wondering how you select your keywords and if you have a preferred method?

    • Dave

      Thank you for the comment. I try to select key words before i write a post. Some times i select them as i write. This is one of many areas that i need to improve on.


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